This is the share of the pairs, who failed to be a success in their relationship. Only one percent who could manage this task and live in a happy, successful relationship. Only One. Would You like to know the secret?

My goal is for you to take possession of your “Queen’s Crown” and your rightful place beside your King. The aim of the book is to familiarize you with the secrets of relationships, and the secrets of men. Peek inside the world of men, learn how they work, and you will soon find countless strategies to make your desires come true.

The secret to potentially happier relationships has been hidden from the world since ancient times. Now all will be revealed, and the key to happiness will emerge.

My mission is for you to embody your true femininity at the side of the man you desire. I will expose:

  • how you can be a truly happy woman,
  • what men desire,
  • how you can achieve success with a man,
  • how a happy relationship works,
  • how to avoid traps and pitfalls,
  • how to guide a man,
  • what makes you a real woman,
  • how you can be happy!

If you, too, would like to experience mutual love and a happy, joyous relationship, you have come to the best of all places, because the secrets will now be revealed. The rest will depend on you. The book is a tool, an opportunity, but not a guarantee. You are also needed. There is no success without you, and only together with you.

Then dive in!

The first and most important secret we must understand is how men work.

I will give an example. If we get a task and we learn that if we fulfill it, we will be happy; then I am practically certain that we will pursue every possible means to solve the problem. When they put the task in front of us, however, we realize that it’s written in a language we don’t understand. How can we solve it if we don’t understand the words? Since we don’t know the task at hand, and we aren’t familiar with its content, we guess or use trial and error. For a while, we struggle and fight with it, or perhaps run to a female friend who offers some advice. Yet, in order to fulfill the task, we must be familiar with it, what it involves – that is, we must know the task itself. As long as we don’t understand the problem, we won’t be able to solve it.

In this case, the task before us is men. And we cannot understand them until we get to know the challenges involved with them, how they work, and the nature of their being. As long as we don’t know how to “read” them, we are at a loss of how to deal with them, and we will never find the solution. If we understand how they work and why they do what they do, then we already know what we have to do in order to be better and happier. Once we understand their essence, we can avoid all the fighting, pain, heartbreak, and damage to our souls. Once you understand the task, you can already fulfill it!