The Warning the Crisis and Pandemic Signify

We are rewriting history, of which we experience the present, and there are as many variations of processing the current circumstance, as there are individuals on the planet. We might be afraid, or we may shrug our shoulders, but what is for certain, is that this occurrence leaves none of us untouched. We might be left wondering: why is this happening now, and why is it happening to us at all?

The crisis, or any manifestation of change, always happens for a reason. As it goes for all critical situations, we find ourselves in predicaments we are yet unable to solve using our existing habits and patterns, or the identity and functioning we have instilled in ourselves so far. Whatever may be causing the crisis does so with motive.

The crisis is never the first, – nor second – but it is the final warning.

You are probably familiar with the idea that “we cannot escape our fate”. This is false! If we live our lives consciously, then we know that we dictate our destiny. Some of us are unprepared to accept this in the interim, but with time, everyone will experience its accuracy.

Escaping facing something that is far from our comfort zone happens to the best of us. We turn our backs to our problems, end a relationship, switch to a new job, distance ourselves from our parents, and, like an ostrich, stick our heads in the sand. All the while, we are unaware of the fact that we are actually making the situation worse, because next time around, the issue will be even more prominent. Our relationship will get more difficult, and we can count on even more pressure at work. The conflict will continuously intensify and increasingly complicated, until we finally confront, and resolve it.

“Why is it that this is always happening to me?”

A more effective way of posing this question is: “What can I do in order to prevent this from happening to me in the future?” But merely asking the question is not enough. We must find the answer too, and we must find it in ourselves. After all, we are the directors of how our reality manifests. It is much easier to be distraught, or blame life or God, cry and complain in discontent. It’s possible that when facing truth head-on, we fall down, but we get back up, dust ourselves off, and carry on. A crisis, however, declares through a final warning, that things cannot go on the way they have been. If our recurrent ways leave us running in circles, we will never be able to achieve our goals. We must find a new path. The crisis cautions us to finally exit the ever so blindly followed hamster wheel, in order to vacate the closed circuit, in order to discover the path that leads to our goal.

Throughout our lives, we survive many critical situations besides this one (giving birth, establishing boundaries for ourselves, the dismissal of judgment and ego, puberty, or even a relationship or marriage). These entanglements pose a serious challenge for our identity. Crisis, in fact, forces a decision to be made.  (The Greek krisis means “turning point” or “change”.)

From here we have two options.

One option is as follows: we enter a state of regression and retreat to a stage of development we have already outgrown. During such a time, we live neither consciously nor spiritually but are functioning on a purely physical level (led by our ego), which results in physical consequences and spawns illnesses. As a consequence, we grow bitter towards lifelike unbiddable children. We go on with the same mechanisms, same struggles, same fears, same illnesses, and this is how we remain for the days, months, and years remaining in our lives. In this case, our sole purpose becomes survival, and we deny ourselves of opportunities, well-being, wealth, and happiness. This will obligate us to always be looking for a “crutch”, someone to lean or depend on, who relieves burdens, saves us, helps us, and takes on the role of mother or father.

The alternate option is growth.

At this point, it is crucial we recognize the stifled energy hiding behind the crisis, and use it for building, rather than destructing. Rebuilding us.

Once our world becomes overly comfortable, and we have become dreadfully monotone, we stifle our true potential and distance from our roles. This results in feelings of heaviness, suppression, and the free flow of energy is blocked. Circulation dissipates, along with the flow of energy, the flow of LIFE. In order to initiate growth, everything must first be demolished’ everything that has hindered proper functioning until now. Only after all is cleared for a clean slate, can the building commence. 

All of the tools we need for reconstruction lie within us. A brand new world can emerge from the ruins. From destroyed relationships, harmonious ones can derive, if our once-ingrained habits, redundant and negative thinking processes, and previously utilized behavior patterns are replaced by fresh and truly excursive perspectives, quality, roles, and behaviors. It is time we unbind ourselves from our self-created shackles and free ourselves from the traits our parents and environments have projected onto us, making us mistake them for our authentic identities. Let’s renounce these falsely defining walls and search for our true selves, who we have always been.

Where do we start? First of all, we must establish who we are not. If we know who we are not, then we will know who we really are. Incorporating any of the numerous self-discovery techniques facilitates this process (Theta Healing, Family Constellations, kinesiology, dance meditation, etc.). Because, in fact, the only way we can uncover who we are not, is if we face ourselves, and open up to the neural programming which limits us, along with the negative patterns that are stored in our subconscious. It may be a tough and painful experience, but we must remind ourselves that whatever we discover does not emanate from us, it is not a part of our truest self. Only by acknowledging, demolishing, and replacing these negative encryptions, will we be able to realize our true, inner selves.

Today, revolution arises within us, in which we are the revolutionaries. We are the ones that decide to rebel against our existing regime and structure a new one in its place. Today, we can acknowledge that we can choose without restriction, and have free will in regards to our opportunities. We can gain new abilities, through which we can confront, the powers working against us too. What was “no” yesterday can be “yes” today. This way, the tension at the root of the crisis is relieved, and balance supervenes.

Working to discover the inner self is about how we can consciously live through these processes. We know that we are only able to experience what is within us. When we meet someone (let that be a coworker or romantic partner), we are essentially meeting our own selves. If we resent something in someone else, let us be aware that we are resenting exactly what can be found within us too. If we observe mindfully, we will have the ability to realize ourselves in others. If we disfavor something, let’s not evaluate or judge, but instead find that same quality within OURSELVES. After all, others are merely holding the mirror from which we stare back at our own selves, aware of this fact. What is disagreeable in others, we must correct in us. If the other party is obstinate and stubborn, it is in fact we, who are obstinate and stubborn. If someone is unbearable, we are, fundamentally, unbearable. We must recognize these occurrences, and resolve them in ourselves.

Recognize me, because I am your dark side, who is actually YOU!

As long as you fear me, and refuse to confront and accept me, I am compelled to intrude one way or another. Through projections that stem from you, I cast myself out into your world, manifesting as a rude boss, know-it-all mother-in-law, grouchy husband, bipolar partner, economic depression, corrupt politician, crisis, or illness. I grant you opportunities to scorn me, ridicule me, or despise me, but be aware that doing so you scorn, ridicule, and despise only yourself.

You will be concerned about me, for I will stay by your side until you learn to love me.

When I manifest as an illness, you won’t be able to take even a single step without me. You can attend to me by visiting your doctor or taking some medicine, but those only yield short-term reliefs from the symptoms. And only the symptoms are alleviated – not me at the core because I will return in a renewed form. I will alternate symptoms as psychologists explain. I will always stay with you since You and I are one. As time passes, you will learn to love me just as much as I love you.

Don’t be astonished that I love you. Without me, you can never be whole. Without me, you would remain sick and unhappy forever. I will not abandon you; I will embrace you any time. I will guide you in understanding me too.

Merely listen. Interpret the symptoms, begin to familiarize yourself and accept me, and finally, learn to love me. Learn to love yourself!

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I wrote every word with love. Valeria Tari

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