Have yourself a calm little Christmas!

10 Femininity Tips for Christmas

Women shrouded in dark fog, with their heads down, stroll the street grimly. They’re shopping. “Are they really getting ready for the holiday, or do they just want to survive?”

My heart breaks, because I know I’ve taken their burden upon myself at one time. I forgot I was a woman, and I simply subordinated myself to family and taking care of others. Does this really need to be this way?

Christmas – and in general festive – femininity is like a white raven. It does not exist. While the rest of the family can relax and put on a fair share of pounds, we are merely barely surviving.

However, this is up to us women, only.

We are the only ones that think a big fuss, the perfect Christmas tree, an appetizing menu, and a glittering gift accompany Christmas. Men would do with much less than that. They would be satisfied with a lumpy, dried twig with a box of candy canes under it. Oh, and one more thing! The woman should also be celebrated and enjoy Christmas. How?

Be more selfish! You won’t succeed doing so anyway, since you, too, are a woman. But believe me! You’ll go the farthest by focusing on yourself and your femininity the most during Christmas time.

How is a woman feminine during Christmas time?

We have a kind of reassuring softness in our being. We are inviting, peaceful, and tolerant, while seductive.

The key is not to confuse feminine power with a strong woman. The strong woman pushes herself forward and wants to save Christmas. Even at the cost of her femininity, she fights, works, and struggles compulsively. At the same time, of course, she gets upset and starts fights. Instead, be a feminine, delicate, graceful woman, as only a man has strength.

Be the woman who wisely makes the man useful – because that’s what he was created for.

Men love to be able to help their beloved. If you understand the upcoming advice, then you, too, can start

Have yourself a calm little Christmas!”


1. “Fears being behind the wheel”

“Honey! I’m a little scared of these aggressive men on the road. It so swells you’re the one driving. It’s a matter of fact, they treat a strong man differently.”

Of course, you can work this out with the snap of a finger yourself, as driving is not a problem, but the point here is that you are the smart woman who can remain feminine.

2. “Gets tired”

“My love! My arm hurts so much from all this lifting. I am in need of the male strength I once fell so in love with. ”

There is no doubt you can lift pots full of meat or be able to carry a multi-pound shopping bag. But you know! You are the smart, feminine woman right now, who makes the man useful, and recognizes his strength!

3. “Asks for help”

If the smart woman is fed up with the housework, she sits down quietly and waits for her savior to find her. (She doesn’t shout or die dramatically in the process; she simply waits patiently.)

“What’s going on?” the husband asks.

“Oh, darling! It brings me so much joy that you’re so attentive! It’s so nice of you to notice that this is all a little too much. I want a calm, sacred Christmas so much, but I’m afraid I’m not going to be ready in time because I’m so exhausted. Could you help me a little? “

I know you’re not exhausted at that point yet, and you’re capable of resolving anything, but right now you’re not fighting, because you’re a feminine woman.

4. “Is tolerant and smart”

 “I beg you not to create a fuss over Christmas again. I’m telling you right now! If you end up losing it and crying like you did last year, Christmas is getting flushed down the drain! ”

“Not at all, Darling! This year, I want it to be the way you want it to be! Tell me! How shall it be?”

Precisely note the 2 things that come to Dad’s mind, and then add the 7 points that are truly essential, which he doesn’t even have a clue about. BUT! Leave out the 231 unnecessary things you think are indispensable. If he doesn’t notice their lack, he will never realize that there are other important things. Reveal the 7 things you added only when it turns out they would be needed, and then communicate innocently, with a smile:

“You never mentioned that, but I knew what you wanted.”

Then hug him, but by no means be reproving. You will be the blessed miracle itself.

5. “Asks more”

The smart woman knows that most of the answers will be, “Let it be, babe, it’s fine the way it is!”

Then leave it! You will have more time for yourself that way.

  • the child is not squeaky clean and only bathed yesterday,
  • a surgical procedure can’t be performed on the carpet because there are two pieces of fuzz on it,
  • there aren’t 16 kinds of desserts after the 10 – course dinner, and
  • there is no vibrational harmony between the Christmas card and the bow that has been nearly tied in parallel with Kirchoff’s second equation,

then you shouldn’t have any issues with it either, and enjoy the extra rest!

6. “Guides and returns responsibility to where it’s due”

She does this all sweetly because she knows that if she’s “a tad exhausted”, to say the least, but still smiling, she will be more successful in motivating the man to put work in. Don’t be a “self-sacrificing-suffering-martyr-dying-premadonna.”

7. “Is an alluring woman”

A fully graceful woman allows herself to go to the “body hair torture chamber- claw decorator – face painter.” She makes sure she looks insanely good because the feminine woman is not a servant, charwoman, or cook, but a man’s enchanting partner.

8. “Is very helpful.”

The feminine woman knows how to get her lover to buy her the only gift she has been hunting for over half a year. Because she has yet to read Valeria Tari’s book, 99% Be the One! she hasn’t been able to control her man effectively yet. She has to make up for it now because otherwise, she will get the same revolting perfume as last year.

9. “Is very understanding.”

The understanding woman knows that if everyone is staring at the TV at lunchtime, they don’t need lunch. Rather, she snuggles up too, and kindly takes part in the event. If the question is asked after the film, “Lunch?”, she states back, blinking, heats up the food without being in a rush, and kindly communicates:

“Sweetie pies! I’m fixing lunch exactly when you requested! … But you know, the heat released from the gas and the charring coefficient of the food determines an optimal temperature that converges – i.e. you can eat in half an hour… Otherwise, have a toast. ‘

10. “Follows occurrences from the outside”

Leaned back, she observes events and has a swell time with how much the rest of the family has no idea what the true reason behind why this organic chaos is being called family is. She contemplates and understands that taking care of others does not equate to slave labor but rather, the old grandmother’s wisdom: “Behind every great man is a great woman!”

Be a fully graceful, smiling woman during Christmas time, and maybe surprise yourself with Valeria Tari’s book, 99% – Be the One! – through which you can become a woman who is celebrated every day of the year.

I wish you a peaceful, joyous, and accommodating Christmas, during which men are guided with feminine emotions!

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