How great it would be if everything was the way it was in fairy tales! 

The prince does everything to win the princess’s favor, while the princess waits patiently for her knight to rescue her. The hero fights battles, defeats the villain, slays a dragon, travels over the seven seas, and conquers himself just to win his prize, and that is the princess. After defeating everyone and freeing the princess, they have a wedding feast that is the talk of all seven continents and live HAPPILY ever after.

Tales spread by word of mouth, so somehow sometime they had some basis in truth. Not only made-up stories, but the mind itself cannot create what it has not known or experienced beforehand. Essentially, stories passed by word of mouth are information that has been unintentionally distorted. With each retelling (or rewriting), it is changed. Parts are added or taken away. Sooner or later, the young woman becomes a princess, the obstacle a dragon, the house a tower, and the poor man a king. If fairy tales have real content, all we need to do is recognize it. And if we can understand it and express it, we can also bring it to life. Quite possibly, it’s not a dragon we need to slay, and it’s not actually a princess that needs to be rescued. Still, everyone has their own role, which they must assume. What are these roles? How can we bring the fairy tales to life? The secrets are inside the book. If we use them and master them, then we will be able to make the fairy tale a reality.