Have yourself a calm little Christmas! 10 Femininity Tips for Christmas Women shrouded in dark fog, with their heads down, stroll the street grimly. They’re shopping. “Are they really getting ready for the holiday, or do they just want to survive?” My heart breaks, because I know I’ve taken their burden upon myself at one time. I forgot I was a woman, and I simply subordinated myself to family and taking care of others. Does this really need to be this way? Christmas – and in general festive – femininity is like a white raven. It does not exist. While the rest of the family can relax and put on a fair share of pounds, we are merely barely surviving.Read More →

The secret to femininity  It may be that we spend our entire lives searching for the secret to femininity in various magazines, articles, or in girlfriends and celebrities, without even thinking to look inside our own selves a little bit. Yet, in doing so, we would in fact discover significant wonders. The secret to femininity is actually not separate from us, it is not mysterious or at all unattainable, no matter how much it seems to be. Then how does this really work? As women, we may think that if we cook, clean, and care for the children, we embody the definition of femininity. If that is what we think, then we are wrong, because this is not everything. WeRead More →

How to avoid becoming servants … and the mystery of lost socks. As women, we may often think, that by completing all the chores at home, we are embodying the essence of femininity, and in spite of all the running around, we receive no appreciation, and still lack happiness.  The answer is very simple. A positive opinion of a woman does not correlate to the amount of work she completes, but much more to the extent of how well she is able to hold space for her feminine roles and qualities. The martyr woman yearning to meet today’s society’s standards learns, that in this world, the achievement is of upmost importance. Because she wants to be the (stereotype) woman inRead More →

How can we hold on to a man? The society of today increasingly wants to make us think that a certain stereotypical woman exists. Types of thought-processes, products, and services surface which conditions us to reach for the currently worshipped ideal, even at the cost of degrading our own selves. But if we look deep within ourselves, then we know that the perfect woman is exactly how we imagine. The true woman lives inside of us all, in fact, and is unique to each of us. However, if the true woman is indeed within us, then how come we fail to exist as the manifestation of her? Negative self-assessment, defeatism, fear, and lack of self-confidence stemming from models and patternsRead More →

How do I know if a man is lying? Why is he lying in the first place? Within a relationship, we are prone to being concerned, and readily shelter negative speculations. This does not help us in the least in listening to our hearts and intuition, and we resort to assuring ourselves to trust the man. Our uncertainty is most likely rooted in our previous experiences, given that men, indeed, lie. I must add, right away, that we, women, lie just the same, but we do not deem this to be as grave of a sin, and therefore fail to judge ourselves for it in the same way. We have developed a specialized sensory capability, however, for the detection ofRead More →

How do I know whether or not a man is serious about me? Many of us have first-handedly experienced that during the acquaintance period of a romantic relationship, the man leads us on, makes empty promises, makes us believe he will down the stars from the sky for us, and he stops at nothing in order to get us in bed with him. Once the particular “first time” occurs, the man’s behavior may change, and we may rightfully be asking, “Is he really serious, or is he just playing games with me?” The answer is very simple. If the man continues to seek us, and does things for us, then he is serious about us. If, however, he does not,Read More →

The Warning the Crisis and Pandemic Signify We are rewriting history, of which we experience the present, and there are as many variations of processing the current circumstance, as there are individuals on the planet. We might be afraid, or we may shrug our shoulders, but what is for certain, is that this occurrence leaves none of us untouched. We might be left wondering: why is this happening now, and why is it happening to us at all? The crisis, or any manifestation of change, always happens for a reason. As it goes for all critical situations, we find ourselves in predicaments we are yet unable to solve using our existing habits and patterns, or the identity and functioning weRead More →

How do men function in quarantine? We live in unprecedented times, and the epidemic not only endangers the wellbeing of our loved ones as well as our own health but can also negatively impact our relationships. While we all try our best to manage the challenges brought on by this unfamiliar situation, we might not even realize that our relationship is in need of protection too. In theory, this might seem like a simple task, but many pitfalls may arise in execution, which can particularly test the certainty of our emotions, and the stability of our relationship. We are familiar with our own feelings, but we are much less knowledgeable in regards to what others feel, or how they think.Read More →

What should I do, if I am the “other” woman? Shame, negative judgment, scorn is unfortunately a common side effect of this status. Thus most women do not open up about their situation, only suppress it. For this reason, we have no way of knowing the real numbers of how many women take on this difficult and unforgiving role, not to mention those who took on this “intoxicating” role unknowingly, simply because the man covered up his marital status. When emotions are raging, it is very hard to step back and consider new perspectives in order to make a different decision. Women are much more vulnerable in this relationship than the married man. I, unfortunately, don’t have comforting news forRead More →

Why is coitus always the most important for men? Why do they always want THAT? Among women, this question arises very often and not without reason, since nearly all of us have experienced this phenomenon. Men always want THAT! Yes, this is true, and it will not change either! Men expedite the development of a physical relationship and go to limitless extents in order to lure us between the sheets, even if we protest against it, or deem the behavior inappropriate. No matter how much we wish it weren’t so, there isn’t anything we can do in objection to the goal-driven actions of men. This is an ancient programming of the human subconscious. We must accept that this is how itRead More →